Welcome to Redwood Basin Digital Media.

We are a team of professionals focused on helping our clients by driving more leads to their websites to increase profit an grow their business.
You no longer have to deal with the hassles and time consumption of trying to advertise on the internet. Dont worry about SEO or writing and submitting ads on individual platforms. All of these issues we handle for you.
We do all the work!


A safe and sustainable solution

Businesses need customers to survive especially now. That's where we come in. We offer

  • Powerful and Faster Submission for your site
  • We deliver indepth marketing research
  • We produce relevant results

We submit your website to hundreds of different platforms all over the internet so that millions will view it.

Imagine..... having your company or Ecommerce website posted on the first page of Google search , the 3 pack on Google Maps , YouTube , social media sites like Facebook , Instagram , plus others , 300+ news sites and some of Google"s most popular websites that rank 9 million + visitors per month, like Yahoo market watch , APNews , and Morningstar.


If you're looking for a means to scale up your business and reach more customers. That is where we come in. The more we submit your website on a monthly basis the more authority your website creates and "becomes viral"!

We understand the problems faced by businesses, which is to be able to leverage the internet to grow their business and aquire customers... You probably face a similar issue, but not to worry.

We pride ourselves in driving traffic and ultimately delivering real results to our clients.

Included services with our submissions,

plus many more...

youtube, youtube logo, logo
Video Marketing

We help you boost conversion and achieve your business goals with our professional video marketing skills.

social media, smartphone, screen
Social Media Marketing

Our social media advertising services will help you reach your desired clients and showcase products or services to people who need them.

woman, laptop, business
Search Engine Optimization

We boost search engine rankings and grow organic traffic with our data-driven approach gained from years of search engine optimization services.

 Annual contract plans


Each plan is treated as an annual contract renewable after 12 months. These are flat rate fees.              Commit to an annual contract and price will never go up.


Package #1    (Good)
  •  submit your website to first page of Google Search.

  •  submit your website to Google Maps 3 pack for local searches. 
  •  Plus, a monthly analysis report on your website.
  •  Plus, your website gets  resubmitted every month.


Package #2   (Better)
  •  Includes package #1          

  •  submit your website to social media sites. like Facebook, Twitter and other high traffic blog sites.   

  •  submit to high traffic video sites. like Youtube , Vimeo , etc.

  •  submit to several podcast sites

  •  submit to several slideshare sites

  •  submit to 300+ news sites. like Google News , USA Today , ABC News.


Package #3    (Best)
  •  Includes Package #1 and #2

  •  We publish a press release news article with your website link to 5 high authority websites that produce 7 to 8 figure traffic. like , Yahoo Market Watch , AP News , and Morning Star

Contact Us

Email is the preferred contact method.

Email: admin@redwoodbasindigitalmedia.com

Phone: 1-800-600-6258